How to make chapati (roti) rolls soft and smooth fastly - soft phulka recipe - indian fulka bread | How to make chapati (roti) rolls soft and smooth fastly - soft phulka recipe - indian fulka bread. Welcome to We often think that making roti is quite easy but i have recieved many e-mails requesting me to show for making chapatti's. Today we will make roti or chapatti. Let’s see what ingredients are required for making roti.


Wheat flour - cup Oil - tsp Salt - ½ tsp Dough can be kneaded without using salt but it enhances the flavor of roti. Knead flour firstly for making roti. We have taken cup flour. For cup we will take cup water. To knead flour we need half the quantity of water then flour. Water usage depends on the variety of flour been used. If we use water half the quantity of flour then it becomes easy to knead the flour. Add salt and oil in the flour. Mix well. Add little water at a time and knead the flour.


For making roti or chapatti knead soft dough. Dough is ready. Knead it more to make it soft. It’s very important to make dough ferment because only then you will get soft chapattis. Keep it aside for ½ hour so that it gets fermented. We have used tsp oil in the dough. This will too make the roti soft. Flour can be kneaded without using oil, But if you need to make soft roti add oil in it. Cover it and keep it aside for ½ hour for fermenting. After ½ hour knead the dough again.

Grease your hands with oil and knead the dough again. Now we will start making roti’s. Preheat tawa. Take little amount of dough (lemon size) and make ball. Coat it with dry flour. Place the ball on rolling plate and press it slightly. With help of rolling pin start rolling it making sure the center doesn’t get too thin. Roll it for about .- inch and coat it again with dry flour.

Now roll it again with - inch diameter. Try to roll the roti from corners. Keep your hands soft. Don’t put much pressure while rolling. Roti is kept thin and thick accordingly in many places. We have rolled the roti. Now place roti on hot tawa. Meanwhile prepare second roti. You can see the surface of roti has got dark color which means the other side is roasted.

Turn the roti upside down. Now roast the other side until you get brown spots on the roti. Roti is roasted from the other side as well. Now we will cook it directly on the gas or flame. Roti is ready. With help of tongs rotate the roti gently. Roast it till it gets brown spots like this. Roti’s are ready. Now we will grease them with ghee. Place little ghee on the roti.

This keeps roti soft for long. With help of both hands like this rub the roti’s against each other. After the roti is made don’t keep it in open. Use casserole for storing the roti’s. Place paper napkin, foil or cotton napkin at the bottom of casserole. Keep roti’s in casserole once they get little cooled. Like wise prepare all roti’s. We can also make roti on tawa. For this turn the roti once it gets darker color on top. Roast the other surface until it gets brown spots like this and then turn it over.

Now with help of napkin paper or spoon, press the corners of roti so that it gets cooked evenly. If you face problem in greasing roti’s together then you grease roti with ghee like this. During summers roti is kept in casserole once it comes to room temperature and in winters it is kept directly. Roti are now ready. Prepare as much roti you want and keep rest of the dough in refrigerator after greasing it with oil in any container. Same dough can be used for second day as well for making roti’s. Once you need the day it can be used for up to days. Make roti’s and have them with your favorite vegetable. Try this recipe and share your experience with us. See you again at
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