How to make ice cream at home without a machine easy for kids | How to make ice cream at home without a machine easy for kids. Hi Bold Bakers I got a request to show you how to make homemade ice cream without using an ice cream machine. Now I love this idea And I'm going to make it using just two ingredients.
And I'm customizing the flavors to some of your great suggestions. So let's get baking
You will never see me making something on Bigger Bolder Baking that you can't recreate
with basic kitchen equipment. So today for our ice cream all you need is a stand mixer
or a hand mixer and two ingredients--that is it

First, we're going to add in our cream into our mixing bowl and we're going to whip it
on medium speed until it forms soft peaks. When your cream is whipped, we're going to
pour in our condensed milk. Make sure you stick around to the very end to see what great
ice cream flavors I've got coming up.
We're going to turn back on the mixer to medium speed and we're going to beat it until it
mixes all together and it becomes a little bit thicker.
And this is your ice cream base. How easy is this It tastes so good. Mmm. Yummmy.
I want to give a big shout out to gsooo who's great idea it was to make ice cream without
the machine and who requested strawberry cheesecake ice cream, which is fantastic because it's
one of my favorites.
I've broken up a slice of baked cheesecake and I'm simply going to add our ice cream
base. Then we're just going to mix it in. I don't like to break up the base too much
because that's my favorite part of the ice cream. I'm going to swirl in a drop of strawberry
puree. And what we're going to do is create a ripple effect. You don't want to mix it
in too much. Perfect
I got these food containers that I like to store my ice cream in. You can get these in
most food supply stores but I'm also going to put a link in the description below.
To finish off our ice cream we're going to personalize it with a homemade sticker. Because
that's what we do on Bigger Bolder Baking. Now into the freezer and on to our next flavor.
Jack Pound said that his mom loves honeycomb and her birthday is coming up so what can
I make? Honeycomb is like the inside of a Crunchie Bar. It's really good. It's like
a really light caramel. I can show you how to make this in the future. First break it
up using a mortar and pestle. Some bits in big lumps and some bits a little bit finer
so you get good texture. We're going to scatter our crushed honeycomb onto our ice cream base.
Then just gently fold it in. Because this honeycomb ice cream is for Jack's mom's birthday,
we're going to personalize it with a sticker Now I'm just going to taste it to make sure
that Jack's mom will like it. Oh yeah. yeah, she would really like this. We're going to
pop this into the freezer and onto our next flavor.
Our next ice cream flavor is Cookies & Cream courtesy of Mia Lopez via Pinterest and FallenAngel
on My site. Use a pestle and mortar to break up your cookies and leave their fillings in
there too because it adds to the flavor. I chose OREO because they're some of my favorite
cookies. And just like the other ice creams, just gently fold in your cookies. I like to
leave some bits unmixed. And there you have it, simple cookies and cream ice cream. Get
it into the freezer and onto our next BIG flavor.
Simmi Setia is a big mango fan so for this next ice cream, we're going to make a mango
swirl kind of like a mango creamsicle. It's SO good To our base, we're going to add in
some vanilla seeds and you can even add in some vanilla extract. See all these beautiful
speckles in it. Drizzle into your base some mango puree mixed with a little bit of sugar.
I'm going to put all of these recipes in the description box below so don't worry. And
then just give it a light swirl. Looks so beautiful. I think this is my new favorite
flavor because it is dreamy. Good idea Simi
Can you guess what our next flavor is going to be? Rainbow Cake ice cream Rainbow Cake
was our very first episode on Bigger Bolder Baking so make sure you check it out for the
recipe. A little bit like our cheesecake, we're going to break it up into bits. Now
the secret is don't over mush it because you start to muddy all the colors. And make some
pieces big and some pieces small. The thing I like about using cake in the ice creams
is that you have the frosting on the cake as well so you get the best of both worlds.
And then in with the base. Now just gently fold it into the ice cream base. Because like
I said before, you want to keep all those lovely vibrant colors. These ice creams make
great gifts. They're personal. They're easy to make. And you can customize them to anybody's
favorite flavors.
This ice cream flavor is my personal favorite. Funfetti ice cream And after all my hard
work, I kind of think I deserve it. I crumbed some funfetti cupcakes. And in with the ice
cream base. Funfetti ice cream wouldn't be the same without the frosting. I mixed this
frosting with a little bit of ice cream base first to loosen it up and help it freeze.
And then like any good funfetti cake--Sprinkles And then just mix it all together. It's like
all your favorite desserts mixed with homemade ice cream. And I even made a label for my
ice cream so that everyone knows it's mine.
When your ice cream is frozen, serve BIG scoops of every flavor. You'll be proud to share
all of your amazing creations.
I loved making this video for you guys. If you have any more great suggestions, please
leave them in the box below. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and I'll see you
back here again next Thursday for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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