How to make cake pops step by step at home without oven for kids | How to make cake pops step by step at home without oven for kids. Hello foodies, I'm your chef and I welcome you all to my new food show's Kitchen. In today's show I will be teaching you a very easy cake pops. These are very cute creations which are prepared out of basic sponge cakes. These are a great alternative to cup cakes for kid's birthday parties and gatherings. Most importantly it is loved by everyone and it is very much is fashion nowadays. So let's get started.

Here I've got a basic sponge cake. You can use any basic vanilla sponge cake also. You can also use any other cake available of your choice. Now in a large bowl, take the cake and break it and crush it with the help of your hands to make crumbs out of it. I am doing it over here with the help of my hands because it is very easy. But if you are making this in large quantity, you can also use a food processor to crush it evenly. Now in this I am going to add the nutella. This is added basically to give moisture and flavour to the cake pops, so that it can be rolled easily. So if you want you can also use chocolate ganage or any other frosting or if you want you can also use chocolate sauce over here.

Now mix this into the cake crumbs and mix thoroughly with the help of your hands until it all comes together to form a dough like consistency. Now you can see the basic dough for the cake pops is ready. Now we'll roll them. Take a scooper or a spoon which will give us standard size measurement or if you want, you can also roll them directly with the help of your hands. Taking a three table spoon of mixture in your hands and roll it evenly between your palms to make small small roundles out of it.

Keep doing this for all the mixture. If you want you can take a small portion in your hand and you can also give it a heart shaped with the help of your hand, by making narrow at the lower bottom and with the help of a toothprick or a knife, you can give a slit on top of it. With the help of your hands, you can slightly shape it to give it a heart shape cake pop. Now you can see that the cake pops are ready. Few I have rolled them into round and few into heart shape. Now I am going to put these into the fridge to set enough for twenty to thirty minutes, so that it firms up a bit to dip them into melted chocolate.

Now I am going to melt the grated chocolate into the microwave for thirty to forty seconds until it is smooth and glossy. Now take a small portion of the lollipops stick or the wooden stick to the melted chocolate and then pierce this into the cake ball inside upto the three forth portion of the ball and it will stick onto it. Keep it aside. Now take the cake pop with the stick and dip it into the melted chocolate to coat it on all sides evenly. You can also use a spoon for this. Tap out all the access chocolate coming out of it. Be careful while tapping so that the stick does not come out. I am going to sprinkle the cake pops with the chocolate sprinkles onto it while it is still moist. You can also use coloured sprinkles on few of them.

I am going to sprinkle few with the edible coloured hearts. You can be really creative over here and use any kind of decoratives of your choice. Once all of them are ready and nicely coated, I am going to put them in the fridge to set enough. You can see now my beautiful and lovely looking cake pops are ready and they looks quite presentable. You can wrap them and them put them in a basket. Here I have used the basic sponge cake for cake pops, but if you want you can also use any other left over brownies or any other muffins available at your home. If you want to make them more richer, you can just stuff them into roasted almonds or some choco chips if you want.

You can also be creative by decorating it with any other sprinkles of your choice. So try it and let me know how it turned out in the comments section below. If you have any other suggestions or queries for me, do provide me the same in the comments section below and hit the like button and share to the's Kitchen for more of such lovely recipes. Tune in to my website every Tue and Fri. You can also connect with me on Facebook.Stay safe and happy cooking, Bye Bye.
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