How to make gado gado indonesian food, authentic recipe from Indonesian village | How to make gado gado indonesian food, authentic recipe from Indonesian village . For today's webepisode, we're going to make Gado-gado. The ingredients are vegetables And the vegetables we're using are spinach, waterspinach Cabbage, that i already cut. bean sprouts, and string beans. In here we have boiled eggs boiled corn boiled potato Also fried tofu and tempeh We only need to boil the vegetables cut these ingredients and make the sauce. What are the ingredients for the sauce? For the sauce we have garlic, boiled red chilli brown sugar and tamarind chutney. I think we have it on the fridge, right? Yes, we do. And then we have skinless fried peanuts Done and water. Yes, and water.

Now, I'm only waiting for the water to boil. In the meantime, why don't we make the sauce Because we don't have traditional kitchenware We're going to use a blender. Can you help me with this? For the amount of ingredients We're going to use garlic Hand me a knife, please? To make it more spicy, you can add Bird eye chili if you want. But because red chilli is expensive We're not going to use much. and then the brown sugar. Spoon, please? Should we add half the peanuts now and half for later? We don't need to use all of them. We only need to use about gram of peanuts. Add in the brown sugar.

Ready? Let's try it. Talking about peanuts. People say that there's Gado-gado with cashews sauce what about almonds? (joking). No one use almonds. People usually use cashews. Oh, the young mothers usually replace it with peanut butter Yes, you can also do that It's simple, fast, and easy. I think it's good enough. Okay. Let's give it a try. Maybe we should add more water to make less dense We can add it later Yes, we can just stir ourselves later. We're still waiting for the water to boil So, i think we better cut the other ingredients while waiting because they need to be cut Let's just cut this into dice.

Okay. Same goes for the tofu Okay. Now, the potato. Is the water boiling already? Wait, let me check. We have to wait a little bit more. So, this one is ready. Really? Then, all we have to do is mixing them together. I think we need to add more water Can you look for tamarind chutney on the fridge? Wait, I have to put the vegetables into the boiling water. Later on, we only need to pour the sauce since we don't use the giant mortar which is usually where you mix the Gado-Gado together. So, we just mix them by ourselves. Yes. Okay, i already prepared this. This taste good. it tastes similar to an instant peanut sauce but not similar to the one that is sold by a Gado-gado seller. It tastes similar with the instant peanut sauce where you only need to mix it with hot water. The vegetables are ready in a second. And i never forget to remind you to never refresh the vegetables with tap water but with boiled water because these vegetables are cooked. What else that we haven't done? I think this about it. Oh, the corn. Oh, I'm not using bitter melon because i don't like it Usually people also use squash, right? Yes.

Which plate do you want to use? Any plate is fine. You forgot to boil that one. Oh, right There are a lot of vegetables that haven't been boiled, yet. You still have bean sprouts and string beans. You're right. What's the rush? Let's place these first. We're looking like we're having fun by ourselves. Good then, so It looks like we have a lot to do. The potato is ready. The tofu is ready. Okay, everything's done. Let's strain them first. And you didn't separate them Gado-gado, you need to mix them all together. I think it's better to mix all of the ingredients first before we put it on a plate. Unless you want to pour in a Gado-gado flush. Which one do you prefer? Both are possible This is what i mean. Okay. See It's quite hot in here. Do you want to mix them first? Do you want to mix or pour the sauce first? You can mix them first.
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Then... It doesn't have to be a lot. Let's make it for portion. As long as it has all of the ingredients. It doesn't have the watercress, yet. Watercress, watercress... put the bean sprouts in it watercrass There it is Careful, careful Corn Potato Tofu Egg What did you do with the egg? Because there was a tear on the egg How else should i cut it? No, i meant the egg is still stuck together. Oh. I'm just like a samurai. Who did you break up with? (joking). Why don't you use a ladle to place it? Done Perfect Is it all? Yes.

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