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Recipes Tasty Mie Goreng Special
World Cuisine - fried noodles would be one dish that is not foreign in our tongue. The way of presentation were varied. And one of them is Delicious Recipes Special Fried Noodles . His name was already special, certainly different from the usual hidangannya. Special herein means fried noodles served with some extras such as fish or beef meatballs, shrimp, or preferably by adding slices of omelet.

following review Delicious Recipes Special Fried Noodles .

 Special Fried Noodles Delicious Recipes "border =" 0 "src =" % 2BSpesial.jpg "height =" 183 "title =" Delicious Recipe Mee Goreng Special "width =" 320 "/> </div> <br /> <b> [1945901million] ingredients Recipe Fried Noodles Delicious Specials: </span> </b> <br /> - wet noodle 450 grams, flush with hot water and then drain <br /> - Baso fish / meatball cattle 10 pieces we sliced ​​<br /> - Egg 4 items we shake then give a little salt <br /> - Chives 2 lBR thinly sliced ​​<br /> - Carrot 1 piece sliced ​​<br /> - onion 5 cloves and garlic 3 cloves we grind <br /> - sweet soy sauce 2 tablespoons <br /> - Soy sauce 1 tablespoon <br /> - Salt and pepper moderation <br /> - Chicken powder 1 tsp (optional) <br /> - Togel 124 g (optional) <br /> - Oilseeds <br /> - Onion goren g as a sprinkling of <br /> <br /> <span style= How to make Recipes Tasty Mie Goreng Special :
- First we make an omelet thin then roll and after that we finely
- we heat the oil 2 tablespoons, then we enter the 2 beaten eggs, we make omelet we continue to stir
- Heat 3 tablespoons of oil, we enter the meatball stir
- Add the onion and garlic. And put all the spices and an omelette that was created earlier
- Put the noodles and carrots then we mix well. Finally, we add the sprouts and stir again
- special fried noodles prepared we serve
The way of presentation we add a fried egg and fried onions.
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