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Recipes Sauteed Vegetables Heart Chicken

World Cuisine - Well, the full menu this time we will discuss is about sauteed Vegetable Recipes Chicken Liver . stir-fry recipe for this one can be quite easy but still offers a taste very delicious for serving our families be it for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. And following their review Sauteed Vegetable Recipes Chicken Liver

 Sauteed Vegetable Recipes Chicken Heart "border =" 0 "src =" http: // "title =" sauteed Vegetable Recipes Chicken Heart "/> </div> [1945901million] • Material make Recipes sauteed Vegetables Heart chicken: </h2> - chicken Liver ¼ kg we cut to suit our tastes <br /> - Potato ¼ kg also we cut to taste our <br /> - Carrots 200 grams us long pieces of <br /> - Chayote 200 grams us long pieces also <br /> - Fruit paprika half course <br /> - onion straw 4 cloves garlic 3 cloves we minced <br /> - Sauce oyster, soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste alone <br /> <h3> • How to prepare sautéed Vegetable Recipes Chicken Liver: </h3> <h3> <span style= - First we sauteed Bawan g red and white onions that we already finely chopped. Then we enter the chicken liver. Stir-fry until aroma pronounced and the color changed - We enter the peppers and vegetables and then we stir-fry until wilted
- If you're new we add water, pepper, soy sauce, salt and oyster sauce
- Kita cook until thoroughly cooked then we turn off the flame and serve
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