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Recipes Deliciously Rice Kebuli

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As is known, merupkan kabuli rice specialties Arabs. But the food is much loved by the people in the country. It tastes delicious with lots of spices which certainly makes us drool tongue. Well here Recipes Deliciously Rice Kebuli :

Materials :
- Rice 400 grams
Materials for spices:
- garlic 15 grams
- onion 40 grams
- laos 10 grams
- ginger 10 grams
- a mixture of coriander, cumin, pepper , nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom that we toasted and crushed 20 gram

Seasonings more:
- sliced ​​garlic 20 grams
- sliced ​​red onion 40 grams
- the white part of lemongrass 10 grams we crushed
- pandanus 10 gram
- cooking oil

How to cultivate it:
- we puree all ingredients
- fried slices of garlic and onion until yellow
- set elah that enter the subtle flavor
- we add water, cook until the aroma feels
- if it is, then we enter the pandanus, lemongrass and salt
- we steamed for approximately 2 hours
- nasi kabuli ready we serve with extra side dish of mutton
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