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recipe Delicious Bakwan Sweet Corn
World Cuisine - As rising food prices are increasingly soaring, many people are trying creative ideas them in creating a new food as a daily menu. Quite often a lot of confusion among our masiih appropriate for processing grain with limited funds. Bakwan sweet corn may be one alternative preparations that you can choose for your beloved family meal menu.

following Bakwan Delicious Recipes Sweet Corn .

 Bakwan Delicious Recipes Sweet Corn "border =" 0 "src =" 2BManis.jpg 2BBakwan% 2BJagung% "height =" 251 "title =" Bakwan Delicious Recipes Sweet Corn "width =" 320 "/> </div> <b> [1945901million] Materials Bakwan Delicious Recipes Sweet Corn </span> </b>: <br /> - Sweetcorn 2 cobs <br /> - chicken eggs 2 eggs, beaten off <br /> - flour 200 grams <br /> - Water 150 ml <br /> <br /> Substances mashed: <br /> - Garlic 1 clove <br /> - Onion 2 eggs <br /> - Pepper ¼ tsp <br /> - Sugar and salt to taste <br /> - flavoring taste ¼ tsp <br /> <br /> <b> <span style= How to cultivate Bakwan Sweet corn :
- First we pipil corn on the cob and then after that we set aside
- Kita mix the flour along with eggs
- Then we add the corn and scallions. We mix well
- If you're new we put our spice puree
- Stir again until the dough is mixed seasoning
- we heat the oil over medium heat. Kiga fried dough that you created earlier hinga mature. Usually characterized by color changes to yellow-brown
- If you've done recently we lift and drain
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