Recipes Braised Beef Plus Chips - Indonesian recipes

Recipes Braised Beef Plus Chips

World Cuisine - Various processed beef is very diverse and one of them is stew meat. Although the price of the meat itself now tends to increase, but this one seemed dishes have become favorites of Indonesia. Here we already provide information about Recipes Braised Beef Plus Chips .

 Recipes Braised cows Plus Chips "border =" 0 "src =" "height = "258" title = "Recipes Braised beef Plus Chips" width = "320" /> </div> [1945901million] the main ingredient Recipe Braised beef Plus Potatoes: </h2> - beef 1 kg we cut to the shape of dice ( according to your taste) <br /> - Potato ½ we cut into the shape of the meat <br /> - Air Atang 1 liter <br /> - cooking oil 3 tablespoons for sauteing <br /> Seasonings for stew beef: <br /> - Onions 10 finely sliced ​​cloves of <br /> - bay leaves 2 pcs <br /> - nutmeg 1 whole we crushed <br /> - Cinnamon 2 cm <br /> - Soy sauce 5 tablespoons <br /> - Salts <br /> <b> Spices that: </b> <br /> - Garlic 5 pieces <br /> - Ginger ½ knuckles <br /> - Hazelnut 7 items that have been roasted <br /> - Coriander toasted 2 tsp <br /> <b> Materials complementary as a topping: </b> <br /> - Onion fried taste <br /> <h3> How to prepare stew of beef plus potatoes: </h3> - Preheat the frying oil Any medium heat and saute onion us. After that enter the spices and bay leaf, cinnamon, and nutmeg we fry until aroma terrace <br /> - Enter the meat and add the soy sauce. We stir-fry until the marinade to seep <br /> - Then we add the potatoes and water. Mix well and wait until the meat becomes tender <br /> - Sprinkle fried onions <br /> - Semur meat plus potatoes ready to be served <br /> <blockquote class= Also Read The following recipe is
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