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Healthy Recipes Pudding Chips
World Cuisine - Potatoes are one of the types of foods with nutrients that are very good for our bodies. And one of the benefits rather than the potato is to help treat stomach working system and our heart. And certainly there is a lot of variety of processed potato that can be created, one of which is a potato pudding.

following Healthy Recipes Potato Pudding .

 Healthy Recipes Potato Pudding "border =" 0 "src =" jpg "height =" 183 "title =" Healthy Recipes pudding Chips "width =" 320 "/> </div> <br /> [1945901million] ingredients Healthy Recipes pudding Chips: </h2> - Potatoes ½ kg of us steamed <br /> - Santan 100 ml <br /> - Daun pandan <br /> - agar 1 pack <br /> - Sugar 100 grams <br /> - chicken eggs 2 eggs <br /> - salt ½ tsp <br /> <br /> <h3> How to cultivate Healthy Recipes pudding Chips: </h3> - we first ripe coconut milk along with the sugar until thoroughly boil. then we mix the boiling water pandan and add salt to taste. we stir and then we lift <br /> - we mashed potatoes that had been we steamed until smooth. then we enter the delicate potato into the first coconut milk stew. We stir it merges <br /> - Then we mix the gelatin. Stir until completely smooth and blend with all ingredients. We cook until boiling <br /> - Well, before we lift the dough, first we put a little egg that had had us whipped. Then we lift <br /> - We prepare the mold for the pudding. But before we clean it with water first <br /> - We pour the batter into the mold before and we wait for the dough to be frozen <br /> <blockquote class= Also Read Recipes Here Also
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  • That Healthy Recipes pudding Chips That Can Try To relax the menu of your family. .
    Healthy Recipes Potato Pudding

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