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Delicious Pudding Recipe Green Tea
World Cuisine - Pudding is one type of dish that is very fitting for the family. Moreover, as the dessert is definitely very delicious. Puddings are various flavors can make. And one of them is pudding green tea (green tea). Green tea pudding is very fitting if used as one of the menu closes or can also be used as a snack while you are relaxing with friends in the afternoon.
Well for those of you who want to make it, here we give Recipe Delicious Pudding Green Tea for you

 Recipe Delicious Pudding Green tea "border =" 0 "src =" "height =" 183 "title =" Recipe Delicious pudding Green Tea "width =" 320 "/> </div> <span style= ingredients Recipe Delicious pudding Green Tea :
- liquid milk 700ml
- sugar 125 g
- agar-agar powder green color 1 pack
- powder matcha green tea 1 ½ tsp
- Nata de coco as an additional 100 grams Topping:
- Whipping cream
- Pieces of fruit into small pieces

How to make green tea pudding :
- First we first mix gelatin powder, sugar, milk, and green tea powder. We mix well and boil. Then we lift while we stir up steam heat is lost from the dough
- Next we enter into nata de coco batter pudding
- We pour the gelatin into molds or cups. Wait until the dough hardens our new store in the refrigerator
- Pudding green tea's ready
- The way of presentation we give with decorative whipping cream or a variety of other toppings
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