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Taste Durian Pancake Recipes Deliciously
World Cuisine - durian pancakes who does not know the cake on this one. Well, this one is the pancake typical pancake Terrain having a shape resembling a pillow. The taste and aroma definitely make anyone drool made.

This time we will discuss a bit about Taste Durian Pancake Recipes Deliciously to you the results.

 Pancake Recipe Taste Delicious Durian "border =" 0 "src =" % 2BNikmat.jpg "title =" Pancake Recipe Taste Delicious Durian "/> </div> <br /> [1945901million] the materials needed Make Sense Durian Pancake Recipes Deliciously: </h2> • materials for the skin: <br /> - flour select protein content was ¼ kg <br /> - egg yolks 3 eggs <br /> - flour cornstarch 50 grams <br /> - Sugar 1 tbsp <br /> - salt ½ tsp <br /> - Grated orange peel 1 tablespoon <br /> - UHT milk plain ½ l <br /> - Margarine liquid 1 tablespoon <br /> • Materials for parts of contents: <br /> - durian field 1 piece (can also durian) <br /> - whipped cream non-dairy ½ l, whipped stiff <br /> <br /> <h3> How to make Sense of Durian Scrumptious Pancake Recipes : </h3> - First we sieve the flour, sugar, cornstarch and salt. Then we pour the milk little by little while we stir until the dough is not too thick - we enter this next liquid margarine and egg yolk. Stir again to mix using a whisk <br /> - We'll make a thin omelette over medium <br /> - If you already take a piece of omelet and the inside is filled with whipped cream. If we add the durian flesh then we fold the envelope shape <br /> - And finally we chill the dough in the refrigerator. If it is considered quite cold, serve immediately pancake durian <br /> <blockquote class= Also Read Recipes Here this:
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